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Crossings #2
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Table of Contents

  (selections contain partial articles only)



Rosi Braidotti


Nomadism, the European Union, and Embedded Identities: An Interview

Vassilis Lambropoulos


Building Diaspora

Linda Belau


Catastrophe, Crisis, and the Impossible Form of Saying

Angela Todd


Beauty Marked

Miriam Gyimah


Speaking Texts Unheard

Laura Chrisman Journeying to Death: A Critique of Paul Gilroy's Black Atlantic

Mohamed Zayani History Without Teleology: Goux and the Post-Structuralist Sign

Joel Simon Where There's a Will There's a Way: Authorial Privilege in Shakespeare's Second Tetralogy

Susanne Sara Thomas



Representing (Re)Production: The Canon's Yeoman's Revelations of Textual Impotence
Janis L. Pallister



Postcolonial Percolonialism in Contemporary West African Cinema: Yeelen