Universities II


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Crossings #3
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Table of Contents

(selections contain partial articles only)



Robert P. Marzec The Scene of Research and the Crisis-Event: Resistance in Ruins

Mary K. Refling Goodbye to the Gentleman Scholar

Jeanette McVicker General Education for the Transnationalized Masses

Christopher Fynsk To Dwell in the Ruins of the University

Christian Moraru Fringes, Margins, Diaphragms: The University and Textual Reason after Derrida

James McFarland "This Implies Revolution": Reading the Unibomber Manifesto in the University

Michael M. Logan Hazarding the Question of the Political

Hasana Sharp We are All Kantian 

Timothy K. Conley Models of Knowing and Learning in Higher Education: A Case Study 

John Tagg The Violence of Meaning